Shredded Landscape Bark

Shred bark

Shredded Landscape Bark/mulch; $55/cubic yard


This, medium size, Shredded Bark, also known as Shredded Fir Bark, is the best all natural product for use in the landscape as a very nice finishing touch to your well kept yard or commercial landscape.


The product is shredded or stripped for the truck of the trees, then ground and screened to a semi uniform size. The finished product composition is about 90% bark and 10% wood giving a nice natural finished well kept look to your yards landscape.  Shredded bark works well around trees, shrubs and flower beds.


Besides looking good, Shredded Bark helps suppress weeds, hold in valuable moisture and it contrasts' well with the landscape plants.  The product is also the best product available for areas prone to wind and/or hillside use. Due to the way the product knits together after being spread the wind doesn't blow it as easily as colored woodchips or the bark nugget products, the knitting action also helps it hold to slopes better than the woodchip or bark chip products. 


This product has No artificial colors or chemicals added, and No recycled construction materials; just natural bark with some wood as it comes from the tree as a bi product of the lumber industry.

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