Economy Mulch/Back to Eden

Economy ground cover compost


Economy Mulch/Back to Eden; $35/cubic yard, Natural


This product is a mixture of recycled clean tree trimmings, tree wood, limbs, bark and leaves.


As part of the tree pruning process the limbs are run through a chipper, cutting the limbs down to approximately 2 to 3 inches in size.  At the yard the tree pruning's are again run through a grinder/shredder and screened to produce an economical, clean uniform product; excellent for use in the yard landscape, the garden or around the back yard fruit trees.


There are no building materials or construction waste used in this product.


The Eco Mulch or Back to Eden product is a very good alternative to the more costly Shredded Fir Bark, having the same positive benefits of the bark products, helping with weed suppression, retaining root zone moisture and providing a finished look to the yard landscape.


The product is also good for covering large non used areas in the yard such as odd shaped corners or buffer areas along yard fence lines.


The product is made to the Back to Eden specifications, making it very useful in a garden area; raised grow boxes, around the grow box as a walking path cover, under and around the back yard fruit trees, etc., the product can be incorporated into the soil after fall harvest or left as a cover for the next season.

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